Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Munich-Louie's 65th birthday at Dallmayr, spargel, and George William

The dinner celebration of Louie's 65th was at the famous Munich food purveyor, Dallmayr, in their Michelin-starred restaurant upstairs. The formality of the place limited the number of photos we felt comfortable taking. Sorry about that. Nevertheless, it was an unforgettable celebration.
It's spargel (asparagus) season! The farmers' market near our hotel was just the beginning of two weeks of spargel almost every day. Yippee!!
The major highlight of this trip was meeting George William Vernon, 5 months old. George is the third child of Chuck and Alina Vernon. Chuck is the youngest son of my dear departed friend, Christie Vernon. Happily he and his wife, Alina Horotan, have always kept in touch with us and we've exchanged visits almost every year since Big Christie died in May, 2002. George has sister Christie (7) and brother Andrei (5) to read to him and satisfy his alert curiosity. Naturally, we took him a copy of the collected works of "Curious George."

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